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The Top 7 Crowdfunded Standing Desks

The Top 7 Crowdfunded Standing Desks

Standing desks are quite popular right now, and for good reason: they provide numerous health benefits, and help “energize” your work day.

Many companies have released their own versions of a standing desk, so how do you know what’s “best” or most cutting-edge?

We find that public crowdfunding campaigns tend to have the most innovative, breakthrough designs. In order to be successful, these crowdfunding companies have to rally large crowds of people to believe in their product, and actually put their money where their mouth is!

We’ve compiled a list of the Top 7 most successful crowdfunding campaigns, sorted by dollar amount raised. I can assure you, the list below won’t disappoint!

#1: StandDesk

Amount Raised: $649,000


The StandDesk takes the cake for being the most successful crowdfunded standing desk. And boy, does it live up to the hype! At just $399, this powered desk allows you to effortlessly raise and lower with a simple two button controller. The company also lets you “build your own” standing desk, where you can choose from a variety of different table tops. Check it out here

#2: ERVO

Amount Raised: $374,000


The Ervo Standing Desk features a unique split level design that allows for the ultimate customization. Switching from standing to sitting is a breeze–just adjust each desk surface to whatever preset notch you’d like. It features some pretty nifty cord management, and is an overall sturdy design. The Ervo is also quite affordable, starting at just $149.


#3: SmartDesk

Amount Raised: $216,000


Autonomous bucked the trend with its SmartDesk, putting it on Indiegogo instead of Kickstarter. That approach paid off, as they are #3 in most money raised. The SmartDesk features a powered design that actually remembers your perfect sitting and standing heights–it really does live up to its “Smart” name! At $249, it’s one of the lowest priced powered standing desks on the market. If you want to make your desk “really smart”, you can add an Artificial Intelligence box that makes your desk a personal assistant! No, we are not joking.


#4: Gaze Desk

Amount Raised: $156,000


The Gaze Desk seeks to be “The Smartest Standing Desk Ever”. They back that bold claim with some impressive technology. The desk’s “Internet of Things” Controller syncs to your smart phone, tracking your calories burned, recommends a perfect height, and much more. Finding it hard to stand at all with your new standing desk? Gaze’s app has a reminder to tell you when to stand if you’ve been sitting too long.  The desk starts at $699 for the “smart” edition.


#5: Stand Stand

Amount Raised: $118,000



The StandStand is a shockingly portable, elegantly designed standing desk. It’s highly affordable at just $75 for the birch edition, making this a great desk to “try out” the whole standing thing. It weighs less than two pounds (that is not a typo), and is made sustainably in the good ‘ole USA. Check it out here


#6: UpStanding

Amount Raised: $105,000


The UpStanding Desk is an easy-to-assemble, relatively light (under 10 lbs) standing desk made in the USA. It’s designed to be simple to use, yet is large enough to support an external monitor and a laptop, and multiple levels to enhance ergonomics. Costing just $199, it had a great crowdfunding campaign, breaking the 6-figure mark.


#7: Ombee

Amount Raised: $71,000


Rounding out our list is the Ombee, who on their Indiegogo state they’re “The only stand-up desk that turns into a case”. Well, the desk does actually turn into a convenient carrying case–handle and all! It has a unique eye-catching honeycomb design, and starts at $125–check them out here.

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