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Top 5 Standing Desks To Help You Get Fit This Week

Top 5 Standing Desks to Help You Get Fit This Week

I started working at a desk the week after I graduated from college. I remember feeling like I was stuck at a prison after the first month of “real world” experience. By the end of the year, I was restless to get out from behind the desk. I quit my job and spent the next three months bouncing around from one gig to another. It didn’t take long for me to find myself behind a desk again. Before I knew anything about standing desks, I was having lunch with a few coworkers and began complaining about my sedentary lifestyle.

One of my colleagues took the opportunity to let me know that sitting is the new smoking and that I was taking years off my life. Regardless of the studies out there, I knew I needed to do something to keep me moving while at work. I started with just a few cardboard boxes, but I found it to be a pain when I wanted to sit during parts of the day. I decided to take the plunge and buy a standing desk. Before I made any purchases, I did a quick survey of the product landscape. Here is what I found:

VARIDESK-Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – $395

Benefits: Premium standing desks from Varidesk. Ample work space with two levels – one for monitors and the other for mouse and keyboard.

Drawbacks: Expensive and not height adjustable. The height can be a little short for most people and it requires a large desk space to sit on.

Review: Price – 3/10  |  Quality – 10/10  |  Usability – 8/10  |  Ergonomics – 8/10


FlexiSpot Standing Desk Riser – $375

Benefits: Plenty of counter space for two monitors and a slot for a tablet. Split level for your keyboard and mouse.

Drawbacks: Harder to raise and lower due to the scissor design. Bulky and takes up most of your desk real estate.

Review: Price – 4/10  |  Quality – 8/10  |  Usability – 6/10  |  Ergonomics – 9/10


Stand Steady Executive Standing Desk – $150

Benefits: Simple and easy to use. Creates a higher working area for you to use for people of all heights.

Drawbacks: Not height adjustable. If you want to sit, you will need a lot of extra desk space for moving your laptop.

Review: Price – 6/10  |  Quality – 7/10  |  Usability – 5/10  |  Ergonomics – 3/10


CubeFit Premium Standing Desk – $110

Benefits: Quality ergonomic product and affordable for everyone. Split level design that takes up very little desk space, so you get more for less.

Drawbacks: You can only use one monitor at the top level.

Review: Price – 9/10  |  Quality – 8/10  |  Usability – 8/10  |  Ergonomics – 9/10


Oristand Standing Desk Converter – $39

Benefits: Cheap and easy to set up. Easy to take down and carry with you. This is a great starter desk if you don’t want to invest a lot of money.

Drawbacks: Made of cardboard, so it’s not very durable. You’ll eventually have to replace it with something more durable.

Review: Price – 10/10  |  Quality – 2/10  |  Usability – 5/10  |  Ergonomics – 5/10



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