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How To Stand Longer At Work

How to Stand Longer at Work

“Sitting is the new smoking.”

“Stand all day and feel more energized”.

The list of reasons to stand at work is steadily growing (see our recent blog post on the risks of sitting). But here’s something I don’t see addressed often: what if you don’t like standing all day?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the thought of burning more calories at work by standing. But when the rubber meets the road, it can be REALLY hard to stand at work. I mean excruciatingly difficult. If you’re used to sitting all day, even standing for 30 minutes straight can seem like torture.

So what do you do if you want to be healthier at work, but *hate* standing?


Ease Into It

You don’t learn to walk in one day, and you shouldn’t instantly jump from sitting all day to standing all day. It takes time to build up endurance in your muscles–chances are you’ll be sore for a few days while making the transition!

I recommend easing into it. Your first week, try to stand 10-20 minutes out of every hour. Your second week, try to stand 30-40 minutes per hour. At that point, your body should have built up a decent foundation.

From here, try to stand the majority of every hour, but make sure to take stretch breaks, walk breaks, and even sitting breaks! Yes, you don’t want to stand all day, and especially not in the same position!

If you want a helpful reminder of when to stand or sit, I recommend our CubeFit Reminders Chrome App. Quite handy, and it’s free!


Fidget and Move While Standing

If you follow the step above but still don’t love standing at work, don’t worry–you’re not alone. When I first started standing for the majority of my day, I found it difficult to stay up after just a few hours (and I was taking sitting/stretch breaks!)

But I discovered one KEY missing piece that made it much more enjoyable–you need to move! Yes, you should be frequently fidgeting, stretching, and moving around while standing. It burns more calories, and the increased blood flow helps with productivity at work.

But my favorite part? It makes standing enjoyable! It breaks up the monotony of standing, and actually improves your stamina.

We created the patent-pending TerraMat to make standing easier (and fun!) It fosters subconscious movement–when you’re using it, you can’t help but fidget!

The TerraMat allows for over 11 power stances, letting you do anything from yoga stances to working out your core. And, it’s quite comfy–made out of conforming anti-fatigue material that feels great whether you’re wearing shoes or socks.

If you’re on the fence about standing at work, give it a shot! If you slowly ease into it, and use a standing desk mat or other tool to keep you moving, I think you’ll really like it!

Ben Arneberg

U.S. Air Force Veteran | Weight Lifting Enthusiast | Program Manager | Passionate WSJ Subscriber | Engineer | Runner

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