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Sitting At Work : The Silent Killer

Sitting at Work : The Silent Killer

The Problem – Sitting at Work

You’ve probably hear some thing like this before: Sitting at work is a silent killer. Sitting is the new smoking. Our bodies are not meant to sit for over 10 hours a day. There are countless studies that talk about the negative impacts sitting has on your body. And for the vast majority of us, we are doing this every day. But it isn’t just unhealthy for our heart. Sitting at work is terrible for our posture – which leads to neck problems, back aches, and knee issues. This bad posture has a negative spiraling effect on your health the longer you sit.

Why is sitting so bad? Let’s take a look at some of the statistics:

  • Electrical activity to your leg muscles shuts off
  • Enzymes that break down fat drops 90%
  • Burning calories drops to just one per minute
  • Good cholesterol drops 20% after two hours
  • Sitting at least three hours a day makes you 64% more likely to die of heart disease

The Solution – Active Working

Moving from sitting at work to standing at work isn’t the solution. The solution is proper standing. That means proper posture, active movements, and tiny breaks that get you moving around the office. Instead of sending an email to a coworker, stop by their cubicle for a quick chat. Instead of taking a break by checking facebook, go grab a glass of water or coffee. Instead of taking a meeting in a meeting room, take a walking meeting. You can try some of the following techniques to help reduce the risks of sitting:

  • Take a five minute stretch break every hour
  • Alternate between standing and sitting every 30-60 minutes
  • Don’t stand still – change your standing position
  • Drink lots of water, which leads to more forced bathroom breaks
  • Reduce sitting at work to less than four hours a day


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