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How To Make Your Office Healthier: 5 Tips To Create A Healthier Workspace

How to Make Your Office Healthier: 5 Tips to Create a Healthier Workspace

There are a  lot of reasons why you might want be on the hunt for ways to make your office healthier.

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, the benefits of having a healthier office are undeniable. Healthy employees are happier, more productive and are less likely to want to rush out of the office at 5pm sharp. They enjoy their time at work more, are more well-rounded people and get more done. In fact, a recent study even found that unhealthy employees cost companies $153 billion in lost productivity. If that’s not enough motivation to provide a healthier office space, then we don’t know what is!

Luckily, there are some easy ways to make your office healthier without spending a lot of time and money on the endeavor. Here are some of our easiest tips and suggestions to making your office healthier, and in turn more productive.


  1. Don’t sit so much

It’s been proven that sitting all day long can lead to health issues like back pain, diabetes, cardiovascular issues and muscle imbalances that lead to joint or muscle injuries. One of the biggest steps you can take to making your office a healthier place to be is investing in a standing desk that allows you to incorporate stints of standing into your day.


  1. But don’t stand too much either!

What? I know you might be confused. Let us explain. While sitting all day is horrible for your health, so is standing. Standing still that is. No human is meant to be in any one stationary position for extended periods of time. Getting an anti-fatigue standing desk mat to complement your standing desk is the easy solution. We prefer something a bit fancier than just a flat anti-fatigue mat which, despite what its name implies, will still leave you feeling tired. That’s because it doesn’t have any features that keep you moving around. Our 3D topographical standing desk mat has some awesome built in features to help you be healthier at the office. It’s design allows you to stretch, balance, massage your feet and subconsciously move as you stand.

Standing desk mat

  1. Clear the Air

Unfortunately, most offices have horrible ventilation and windows that don’t open. Combine that with being in close proximity with dozens or hundreds of other people and you have a perfect recipe for stale, germ-filled air. The fact that you’re breathing it in 8-9 hours a day doesn’t help either. Poor ventilation can trigger what’s known as “occupational allergies” in some people from dusty carpets carpets and chemicals in things like office furniture and paint. Stuffy air has even been shown to hinder your brain power. To nip this issue in the bud, invest in an air purifier for your desk that will remove impurities and air pollutants.


  1. Take your meetings outside

This one might be the toughest since it involves behavioral change…but on the plus side it’s a totally free way to make your office healthier. Taking your meetings outside and turning them into walking meetings can be quick and cheap way to make your office and work environment healthier. Not only will you benefit from the exercises and movement but the Vitamin D and fresh air will revitalize your system and improve your mood.


  1. Buy a plant

Plants have been known to improve moods and increase happiness. Some of them will even help you potentially filter our air impurities. Here are some of the best plants that can be grown and maintained inside an office for a healthier workspace. If you have a black thumb consider painting one of your walls green or hanging green wallpaper. The color has been shown to increase creativity, calmness and happiness.

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