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How To Improve Energy And Productivity At Work — The Standing Desk

How to Improve Energy and Productivity at Work — The Standing Desk

We’ve all been there. Three o’clock hits and the post lunch slump rolls around. You suddenly find yourself lethargic, unmotivated and compulsively drawn to the idea of online shopping or revamping your fantasy football league team.

Sure a carb heavy lunch can send you into a slumbering stupor at your desk, but did you know that sitting can do just the same? New studies have found that not only does sitting hurt your health, posture and body mechanics, but it’s also hurting your mind and efficiency.

Take a look at what a team from ReadWrite found while testing out standing desks in a controlled experiment:

  • Higher energy levels. By standing during the day, we’re able to keep energy levels constant. You’re not getting the 3 o’clock slump, and you avoid the dreaded food coma. As a result, your mind doesn’t drift, your eyes don’t droop, and you can get through your day without experiencing an energy roller coaster.
  • Higher concentration on tasks. Several of our employees testing the desk noted the same psychological experience: You get to sit once you’ve completed a certain task. For example, I sat down after I finished writing this article. This lets you focus better, and also compartmentalize your tasks. As we know, multitasking is a productivity killer, and the standing desk effectively eliminates the urge to multitask and flip between websites, email, and other distractions.

Occasionally standing at work gets more blood flowing to the brain meaning you have more energy and an enhanced ability to concentrate on a task at hand. Studies have varied but all of them have shown that standing at work has increase productivity levels anywhere from 10% to 46%!

Whatever the statistic on increased productivity as a result of standing at work, we’re all in!  It’s just the cherry on top of dozens of other benefits you get from alternating sitting and standing at work shown to improve health and your quality of life.



Here’s to Standing,




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