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Facts and Questions

Why should I choose CubeFit options over others?

CubeFit is the best option out there for anything you’re trying to do to healthify your office and be more active at work. Not only are our products superior quality but because we don’t work with a middle man our prices are some of the most reasonable you’ll find. We want to make healthy living accessible and affordable to as many people as possible.

In addition to amazing quality, affordability and great customer service, one of CubeFit’s founders is a certified personal trainer who has poured her personal and professional experience into the design of our products and accompanying resources.

Speaking of which…we’re personal, down to earth and are more about a lifestyle than money-making products. When you buy from CubeFit, you’re not just buying from a profit-making product-focused machine. We’re a “husband and wife team”-owned business who experienced the same aggravations from being sedentary at work and who in turn, developed products to meet our own needs. Our passion is to provide resources as well as products for the office that help you lead a healthier overall lifestyle.


What’s the big deal with sitting at your office? Why should I consider mixing it up at my desk?

Well, this answer could get pretty long so we’ll give you the CliffNotes version. Just 20% of American adults get the recommend amount of physical activity—150 minutes of the moderately intense aerobic kind—each week. In short standing counteracts the unnaturally sedentary lifestyles we’ve all adapted to living from commutes, office jobs, sitting in school and watching more TV than ever.

These are just a handful of the benefits from standing:

  • Burns twice as many calories as sitting
  • Reduces your risk of developing diabetes, cancer and heart disease
  • Makes you more productive
  • Revs up your metabolism
  • Helps avoid muscle imbalances that can lead to injury and/or chronic back pain


Can my company place a bulk order with you? Is there a wholesale rate?

Absolutely! If you’re a company looking to equip your employees and office with products that promote health and wellness you’ve come to the right place. And thank you for prioritizing the well-being of your workforce. We’d love to hear from you and would be happy to work with you to staff your office with healthy gear. Please write us at hello@getcubefit.com or fill out the Bulk Orders form in the Shop page.


Where can I purchase CubeFit products?

Right now we sell exclusively on Amazon and directly through our website. If you don’t want to purchase on Amazon please write us at hello@getcubefit.com


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