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We’re CubeFit – The Healthy Office Company

We’re CubeFit – The Healthy Office Company

We are CubeFit and we are here to change the way we work from nine to five. We are four active, motivated, and goofy individuals who have a passion for staying healthy while we are at our office jobs. Even with the massive growth of the healthy office movement, the vast majority of our coworkers are still sitting for up to twelve hours a day! We don’t need university studies to tell us that is unhealthy. Yet, we have learned (one of us the hard way) that standing all day isn’t the solution. Sitting isn’t the enemy. The sedentary lifestyle everyday is the the true killer. Transitioning to standing all day just makes you feel better about that sedentary lifestyle.

We created CubeFit to address this issue that is impacting more people everyday as our society shifts to more office work. From the beginning, we set out a few goals to help with this:

  • Create innovative products to increase productivity in the office
  • Design tools that will inspire movement while working in an office environment
  • Research how to integrate these tools into a normal office for easy transitions and adoption

We know that there is no such thing as a silver bullet for healthy living at work. That is why we aren’t spending time designing one killer product that will give you a six pack while you type – like this Hawaiian Chair. Yes, that was a real thing… Instead, we are curating and designing an ecosystem of products that work together to create an environment that naturally improves health. But as we mentioned in one of our goals, we don’t want our products to detract from your work. In fact, we want to increase productivity by improving blood circulation to your brain.

Our journey is going to be long – but healthy. We are excited to change the office world and become thought leaders in this healthy office industry. As we continue down this path, we hope that you can join us along the way. Most of our blog posts will be about the latest health trends in the office, new university studies about standing or sitting at work, tips and guides, and motivational blurbs. But we would like to keep you informed about what we are doing here at CubeFit as well. If you’d like to follow us on this journey, feel free to hit the subscribe button. Anything important we learn, we’ll let you know about it.

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