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What is CubeFit?

You spend the majority of your waking hours at your office.

Let us help you make those hours work FOR you not AGAINST you.  

When two of our founders sustained leg and knee injuries from excessive sitting at work, the idea and passion for CubeFit was born.

Founded by a certified personal trainer (and physician endorsed), CubeFit is on a mission to empower a new generation of office workers during their 9-5 by equipping them with tools to be healthier, happier, reduce chronic conditions and live longer lives. We envision a world where active and healthy habits are seamlessly integrated into your workday and you no longer need to escape your office to find balance.

Imagine actually burning calories while you type out that status report or engaging your core muscles to strengthen your back and stretching overly tightened hip muscles while you answer emails. With CubeFit products, all of that and more, is possible.

Think of us as your new best friend at work that’s here to help you get active, get healthy and even get productive.

More than just a company

In addition to selling products that help you bring healthy habits into your office, CubeFit is a lifestyle and a resource for everyone and anyone looking to restore balance to their lives at the office whether that’s through our free workout routines, standing desks or ergonomically designed mats.

At CubeFit we’re committed to making it easy, fun, intuitive and affordable to blend healthy living with the daily grind.

What we Believe In?

We Believe In..

…getting our bodies moving again (just like they were designed to do) and counteracting the sedentary lifestyle that has become the new norm (The average person stands and moves for just 3 hours a day)

…redeeming our workplace. By making the place we spend 60% or more of our waking hours during the week healthier, we believe we can change the world and bring balance back to people’s’ lives.

…health and fitness that’s integrated into your entire life – not just relegated to an hour at the gym after work. (In fact, studies have even been finding that hitting the gym after work isn’t enough to counteract the negative effects sitting all day can have you on your body.)

…holistic fitness and we’ve designed our products and resources with all aspects of fitness in mind including strengthening, stretching and correcting dangerous muscle imbalances that can lead to injuries.

…information and healthy office gear that’s accessible, easy to use and affordable.

Why Healthy Office?

Sitting is shortening lifespans and increasing disease rates. We believe we have the solution..and it starts in your office.

Increasingly sedentary lifestyles are wreaking havoc on our population’s children and adults. If you don’t believe us listen to The World Health Organization which estimates that 95% of the adult population is inactive, meaning they fail to engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity five times a week.

Children and adults are sitting for up to 13 of their waking hours and sedentary workers have:

– A doubled risk of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease

– A 13% increase risk of cancer

– A 17% increased risk of dying

There’s no way around it. Sitting is killing us. And in the meantime it’s making us more obese, depressed and miserable with lower back pain, joint issues and other chronic problems.

What motivates us?

One of our founders experienced this truth first hand when she developed a mysterious and painful knee issue. It turned out the pain was a result of excessive sitting at her office job which had weakened her gluteus maximus muscles and shortened her hip flexors. This type of muscle imbalance is all too common in office workers and from this experience a passion for making workplaces healthier was born.

By offering customers affordable and easy-to-use office “gear’ such as standing desks, mats, exercise pedals and more, CubeFit is equipping a movement of office workers to take back their time in the office and make it work FOR them.



We are here to empower a new generation of office workers to lead healthier and happier lives during their 9-5 through healthy office and lifestyle products. Our mission is to help people reclaim the 8+ hours they spend at work by providing products that promote healthy living in the office.


We are trying to reshape the office landscape through innovating healthy products and inspiring culture. CubeFit strives to always be a thought leader in this emerging healthy office space so that we can use our voice to help change work culture.


The CubeFit team is committed to abiding by certain core values that makeup our company. Values like:

  • Integrity in how we do business
  • Pursue growth and learning
  • Honesty in communication
  • Be humble, but inspiring
  • Encourage creativity and open-mindedness
  • Seek change, respect tradition
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