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4 Ways To Convince Your Boss You Need A Standing Desk

4 Ways to Convince Your Boss You Need a Standing Desk

So you want a standing desk, but your boss thinks they are a waste of money? Hundreds of offices around the world are upgrading from standard desks to standing desks after recognizing the health benefits that accompany them. Office environment and culture rank in the top five sought after qualities in employment by millennials. Yet, some companies still need a little extra push. We’ve put together four ways to convince your boss you need a standing desk. Your coworkers will thank you for your work 🙂


Better Health and Wellness

It’s not a secret that our bodies aren’t designed to sit for 10+ hours a day. In fact, the increase in office jobs has led to more cardiovascular disease during a time where healthcare technologies continue to innovate. For decades, companies have made efforts to keep their employees healthy. A healthy employee shows up to work more often, gets more work done, and has one less distraction to worry about while working. So let your boss know that standing desks help keep you and your coworkers healthy. It’s estimated that you burn 21 extra calories for every hour that you stand instead of sit. This is one of the most compelling facts to convince your boss you need a standing desk.


Increase Productivity

Sitting all day can be kind of a drag. Standing naturally creates more of a sense of urgency, which leads to getting more things done in less time. Moving around while you stand can help increase your blood circulation, which is a good thing. That allows more oxygen to reach your brain to improve critical thinking and decision making. Using the pomodoro technique to balance sitting, standing, and taking a break can help structure your day into several time bound periods. Studies have shown that this helps limit distractions since you have self imposed deadlines for activities.


Healthier Back and Hips

There are more Americans experiencing back and hips problems today than ever before. And as we mentioned earlier, medical technology is more advanced today than it ever has been before. So why are we experiencing so many back and hip issues? Many researchers agree that prolong sitting, especially with poor posture, is the primary culprit. Your boss might feel some of these discomforts themselves. If so, they would know exactly how distracting this can be from getting things done at work.


Feel More Energized and Fresh

You know that boost of energy you feel after working out? Sure, you’re exhausted. But you also feel sharp and alert. Similar things happen when you are fidgeting and standing while at work. There’s a gray zone during the day between 2pm and 4pm where work output is minimized due to fatigue. Some people rely on coffee to power through. Others just let the fatigue get the best of them. Next thing you know, 4pm is rolling around and you still haven’t finished that presentation that is scheduled for tomorrow. So you power through the last hour or two of work to get it done and then arrive at home exhausted from work. Standing throughout the day helps you redeem this gray zone between 2pm and 4pm without over consumption of coffee or lack of productivity due to fatigue.


We’ve armed you with four talking points to convince your boss you need a standing desk. Now go forth and get healthy. Try to have a few standing desk options to bring up in your meeting. You can check out a few standing desks that we have reviewed here.

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